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Digital marketing is a successful career option that can be pursued by persons with practically any educational background and offers a plethora of options and profiles to explore. With almost every business and office using the most up-to-date technology and internet-based resources, digital marketing has become an even more significant and valuable career option, and millions of individuals around the globe are pursuing it.

However, it is important to take these courses from a reputed Institute that provides classes taken by experts, live projects, and an on-hand approach for various digital marketing courses. Apart from that, the institute should provide work on live projects so that you can actually understand the concepts taught, and after the course, the institute should provide Placement support as well.

Though it is difficult to find an institute with all of these outstanding features, an affordable fee structure and is located in your area, it is not impossible.

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    Course Highlights:

    The Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing provided by the [email protected] is a research-based training curriculum that allows you to explore the digital marketing world in the light of all the modern trends and new emerging strategies. It is a 6-month course that comprises of the following:

    • Industrial recommended  learning path
    • Work on live project
    • Industry expert faculties
    • carefully designed syllabus.
    • 100% Practical oriented classes
    • 2-month free internship with client project
    • Covers 40+ digital marketing modules and tools
    • 100%Placement support and assistant
    • Dedicated team for HR
    • Personal career guidance
    • Interview preparation & interview training
    Course Curriculum
    • Digital Marketing Introduction
    • Importance Of Digital Marketing
    • Modules of Digital Marketing
    • Benefits of digital marketing
    • How did Internet Marketing work?
    • Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing
    • Types of Digital Marketing
    • Increasing Visibility
    • Visitors Engagement
    • Bringing Targeted Traffic
    • How to Learn Digital Marketing?
    • Tools & Softwares we are going to Explore
    • Introduction to wordpress
    • Theme Installation
    • Plugins Installation
      Creating pages,post,menus and URL structuring
    • Domain Purchase
    • Domain Pointing
    • Hosting Purchase
    • WordPress Installation
    • Creating engaging, conversion-focused landing pages for campaigns.
    • Creating Single Page Website with menu anchoring
    • Create Multi page Portfolio websites for you/ Your business.
    • Chat button integration.
    • Manual migration method.
    • Malware removal using wordfence
    • Block Brutforce hacking by limiting login access
    • Create Responsive Popups
    • Create and configure conversion friendly data collection forms
    • Easy to use Backup and Restore using AIO
    • Learn How to import and edit premade site Demos
    • Introduction to content marketing
    • Why content is important in Internet
    • Types of content marketing
    • Content marketing Strategies
    • Introduction to Content Marketing
    • How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy
    • Segmentation of Target audience
    • Creating a buyer persona
    • A real-time example of buyer persona segmentation
    • Content Calendar and how to choose a channel for marketing?
    • Types of content, Business storytelling
      Measuring and analyzing content marketing strategy.
    • How to create a meta description for your business website, writing psychology.
    • Ultimate Landing Page wireframe work, marketing psychology.
    • Market research
    • Keyword research & analysis
    • Types of keywords
    • Tools used for keyword research
    • Localized keyword research
    • Competitor website keyword analysis
    • Choosing right keywords to the project
    • Introduction of Search Engine Optimization,
    • Functions & Features
    • Website & Competitor Analysis
    • White Hat/Grey Hat/ Black Hat SEO
    • Keyword Research & Implementation
    • Website Design & Architecture
    • Google Search Console
    • Tag Manager
    • Competitor Link Analysis
    • SEO Auditing
    • SEO Algorithms
    • SEO Guidelines
    • SEO Reporting
    • Google Analytics Basics
    • Google Analytics Set-up
    • Google analytics event setup 
    • Google analytics goal tracking 
    • Google Analytics GA4
    • Google Analytics Tracking code integration
    • How to set up filters
    • Demo Account
    • Overview reports
    • IP Blocking
    • Report sharing guidelines
    • Audience Overview
    • Acquisition Overview
    • Behavior overview
    • Data Analysis
    • Goals in Google Analytics
    • Ecommerce tracking setup guide
    • Benchmarking
    • Annotations
    • website Traffic analyzation
    • Integrations
    • Introduction to google my business
    • What is local SEO
    • Important local SEO factors
    • Setup google my business(GMB)
    • How to optimize GMB listing
    • Important elements you must optimize on GMB Listing
    • How to handle negative reviews
    • Multiple locations and user management
    • Local SEO strategies
    • An Introduction to Google Ads 
    • Goals and types of campaigns 
    • Networks and Devices

    Google Ads Set-up

          Express Account and Smart Campaigns
          Tools and Campaign Set-up
           Campaign Optimization

     – Google Search Ads

      Types of keywords 
    Bidding Types 
    Text ads 
    Call ads 

     – Google Display Ads

    Banner Ads 
    Responsive Banner Ads 
    Gmail Ads

     – Google Video Ads (Youtube ads)

    Skippable ads 
    Bumper ads

     – Remarketing and Conversion Tracking Set-up

             Custom Audience Setup 

     – Mobile Ads

    App installment 
    App engagement 

     – Shopping Ads

    Dynamic Shopping ads 
    Google Merchant Center Setup

    Local ads 

    Discovery ads
    Smart campaigns 
    Campaign metrics 
    Keyword Research – tricks and strategies 

    Match Types

    Ad copy creation 

    Ad placement

    Concept of CPM and Branding 

    Manual Placements Ad Ranking & Quality 

    Types of audience segments 

    Conversion Tracking 

    Create your Conversion Tracking Code 

    Bidding and Budget 

    Bid strategies

     – Ad Extensions 

     – Reporting

    Remarketing campaigns 

    Ad Optimization

    •  Tips to Make Money with Google Adsense
    •  Types of Adsense Ads
    •  Google Adsense Payments
    • How to optimize the  with Keywords
    • Facebook Page Optimisation
    • Instagram business profile
    • Linkedin Page Optimisation
    • Twitter Optimisation
    • Tools we can use for Graphics
    • Important Social Media Platforms

    Introduction to SMM
    Introduction to Social Media Ads Manager
    Introduction to Social Media Business Manager


    • FB Introduction 
      • Facebook Account Set-up
      • Facebook Event, Groups Creation
      • Facebook Page Creation
    • Facebook Tools 
    • Business Manager Account
    • Customer Persona
    • FB Custom Audience 
    • FB Campaigns
      • Brand Awareness
      • Reach
      • Traffic Ads
      • Engagement Ads
      • App Installs
      • Messages
      • Video Views
      • Lead Generation
      • Messages
      • Conversion Ads
      • Store Traffic
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Pixel Event set-up tools
    • Retargeting Methodologies


    • Types of Accounts?
      • Branded Account
      • Personal Account
      • Fanpage Account
    • Instagram Sales Funnel
    • Importance of Bio Links
    • How-to Post effectively and strategies
      • Hashtags
      • Follow me Follow you Strategy
      • Shoutouts
      • User Generated Contents
    • Growth Hacks
    • Instagram Tools
    • How to track Campaigns
    • Influencer Marketing 


    • Pinterest Introduction & Account Set-up
      • Personal Account
      • Business Account
    • Profile Optimization & Website Linking
    • Pinterest Terminologies
      • Pins
      • Boards
      • How to Create them
    • Pinterest Tag Setup 
    • Pinterest Ads and Campaigns
      • Ads Set-up
      • Pinterest Audience Creation


    • Linkedin Basic
      • Profile Optimization
      • Article
      • Groups
      • pages
    • Linkedin Networking
    • Linkedin Ads
    • Linkedin Tag Setup


    • Twitter Fundamentals
    • Twitter Ads Set-up


    • Snapchat basics 
    • Snapchat ads
    • Snapchat tags

    Social Media Tools:

    • Buffer
    • Hootsuite


    • Data studio 
    • Facebook analytics
    • Introduction to Email Marketing
    • Email Marketing Tools
    • Mailchimp Tutorial
    • Creating email lists
    • Email Marketing Automation
    • Inbound Marketing Fundamentals
    • Getting to Know Your Customer
    • Creating Content for the Buyer’s Journey
    • Developing a Content Distribution Strategy
    • Understanding Behavioral Marketing and Customer Segmentation
    • Maximizing ROI With Marketing Attribution and Experimentation
    • Utilizing Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence
    • Introduction to E-Commerce development
    • Enhaning website functionality
    • Add to cart module
    • Payment Gateway module
    • Checkout  module


    • Introduction to graphic design & Canva
    • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
    • Social media posters and banners
    • Logo design
    • Carousel posts
    • Printable Materials
    • Image editing
    • Video editing
    • Motion design
    • Portfolio
    • Youtube Brand Channel Creation
    • YouTube Brand Channel Account Setup
    • YouTube Channel in Detail Youtube Copyright Policies
    • How to upload on YouTube?
    • Title, Description, and Tag
      Cards & End screens
    • Monetization
    • Thumbnails & Playlist
    • Introduction to Influencer marketing
    • Types of influencer marketing
    • Mistake to avoid
    • How to find ideal influencer
    • Partnership and collaboration strategies 
    • How to measure campaign
    • Introduction to affiliate marketing
    • Affiliate marketing platforms
    • Affiliate account creation amazon
    • Admitted account creation
    • Affiliate link marketing
    • Affiliate link marketing via display ad
    • Affiliate link marketing via videos
    • Affiliate link marketing via content
    • Amazon Affiliate
    Digital Marketing Tools
    Career Support
    Digital Marketing course in Kochi

    100% Placement Support

    With over 100+ recruitment partners, our students will never be lack of placement opportunities to enhance their careers in digital marketing.

    Interview Preparation

    To prepare our students for real-life interviews, we hold a series of mock interviews and Q&A sessions. Our specialists also provide exclusive secrets tips for surviving difficult interviews.

    1-1 Individual Mentorship

    We provide each student individual attention as they prepare for interviews. Resume preparation, soft skills training, personality development, and much more.

    What Our Student Says

    Rasalina William

    - CEO at YES Germany

    The circuit television, also known as video surveillance is the use of video CCTV

    Rasalina William

    - CEO at YES Germany

    The circuit television, also known as video surveillance is the use of video CCTV

    Rasalina William

    - CEO at YES Germany

    The circuit television, also known as video surveillance is the use of video CCTV